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Public Lecture
Plenary and Panel Speakers
Working Group 1: Teaching Geometry Effectively with Dynamic Software
Working Group 2: Mathematics for Active Citizenship
Working Group 3: Popularization of Mathematics
Working Group 4: Learning in the Presence of Technology
Working Group 5: Making it Interesting
Working Group 6: Mathematics and Intuition
Working Group 7: Education of Elementary School Teachers: Goals and Challenges
Working Group 8: The Needs of Industry in a Mathematical Education
Working Group 9: Educating Secondary Mathematics Teachers
Working Group 10: Mathematics Teacher Training, Algebra, and Teacher Shortages
Working Group 11: Teaching Mathematics to Aboriginal Students: the Importance of Building on the Aboriginal Cultural Differences
Working Group 12: In-Service Secondary Teacher Education
Working Group 13: Rethinking Math Thinking in Secondary Maths Classes
Working Group 14: The Visual at the Core of Mathematics
Working Group 15: Teaching Mathematics at College Level
Working Group 16: Preparation for University Engineering and Science Courses

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